Part of group show MULTIFORM MADNESS Feelings are Facts

Kunstverein Eisenstadt (Eisenstadt, AU), 25. Juni – 8. Oktober 2023

with TH Anatol, Hollow, Máté Janky, Eszter Nagy, Petr Nápravník, Márió Nemes Z., Gábor Pap, Florian Pfaffenberger, Stach Szumski, Dominika Trapp, Chin Tsao

The exhibition aims to create an ever-changing space that explores the relationship between artistic creativity and mania. In this context, the building housing the Kunstverein Eisenstadt is transformed into an archival medium for manic energies, bringing into play the iconography of monasteries and mental institutions.

Mania as "visionary unreality" (Jason Bahbak Mohaghegh) creates new worlds. The exhibition is a mania tabula, a system or machine of recording that displays the world-making workings of plural manias. The curators did not want to establish hierarchical relations: the work is created collaboratively during the time spent together in the "institute". The community of maniac’s points to the manic energy at work in the depths of all communality.

curated by Lőrinc Borsos