shy exits

duo show with Petr Nápravník at Galerie 35m2 (Prague, CZ)

curated+text by František Fekete

photos by Peter Kolárčik

The combination of Mate Elod Janky and Petr Nápravník at an exhibition in gallery 35m2 was (not) a chance happening. Through a progressive associative chain of events and reflections on their work, the idea came to me for a joint exhibition. Similarly as in the collages of Petr Nápravník, in which individual motifs appear in seemingly random juxtapositions,

the territory
and average
apology for
acid trip
in an incredible
through appreciation

which are a layering and formation of a new and internal (para)logic, coiling into itself. Their foundation is a certain principle of natural abundance, division, a certain consciousness of natural holism.

If a scientist examines the inside of atoms, he or she experimentally explores the constant motion of particles and deduces the far-reaching emptiness between them. The fullness and solidity of the forms around us is another human error. The constant oscillation, transformation


and connectedness of everything is the ontological foundation of the world.

Whereas the world of Petr Nápravník is characterised by work with a hand-crafted collage, Mate Elod Janky mostly operates within the realia of digital noise.

he uses onomatopoeia (evocative words, phonetically imitating natural sounds, e.g. brrr, klap, bash) as weapons of mental destruction

He creates (de)compositions, videos and music based mostly on found materials which are transformed, die and are born again into one another mutually, penetrate through themselves and further, perforate their original meaning.

Petr and Mate have a peculiar outsider aura, and even if they do not speak much, they are surrounded by an atmosphere of mutual consonance. I can’t explain any more. Psychedelia and psychonautism


(not entirely necessarily linked with altered states of consciousness) is a common aspect of their work, as is the use of found and waste materials, whether physical (coherent) or digital (incoherent). A coherent line is the search for structures, rasters and junctures, the finding of breaking points in the perception of the surrounding reality and the burgeoning of psychedelic argumentation into layers of “reality”.

I walk around the edge of a volcano. It must be five o clock somewhere.